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  • Exploring God's Green Word
    Exploring God's Green Word

    Look again at Christianity, the environment and ecology

  • Acorns to Oaks

    exploring the links between Christianity and the environment and ecology with children

  • Think globally and act locally
    Global Neighbours

    Think globally and act locally

Climate Change Prayer

The challenge of climate change is huge, we will all have different ways of responding but one thing we can all do is pray. Each month we will feature a prayer from churches and others around the world. We would welcome submissions of climate change prayers, of up to 20 lines, to .

  • Our Harvest

    Father God, you entrusted our amazing world to us with its plentiful resources for all to share.
    Forgive us that we have not taken better care of your creation
    And have inflicted damage to others and the environment through our striving to control the world around us
    We sow, we reap
    Forgive us when we have not tried to live in harmony with the world
    And have used more than our share of the earth’s resources at the expense of others
    We sow, we reap
    Help us sow the seeds for a new harvest.
    Help us each to live responsibly and to be mindful of the impact of our actions on others
    Help us to protect our environment , conserve water and energy
    Help us to live lightly and reduce our carbon footprint
    So that together we may become better stewards of this world and build a more just and sustainable future for all.

    St Andrews URC Cheltenham